Saturday, January 16, 2010

busy, busy...

Yeah, yeah, I have been really slack lately with my blog. But it has been pretty hectic lately... ...little girls growing up, getting teeth (currently has 3), crawling super fast and 'cruising' on furniture
...big brother's and little sister's spending time together, usually wrestling (little sister is getting very tough)

... oh what fun it is to jump around in the cot together

... dressing my boys to attend my Grandmother's funeral (Grandma was affectionately known as GG to her great-grandchildren)

... my little guy going to daycare for the first time! He was fine, but I cried all the way home (what a sad, sad mother!!)

... little girl's cooking up a storm in the new kitchen (this is her newish face that she pulls- totally scrunching up her face with a smile wedged somewhere in there)

... dressing little girl in trendy new sandal's and head band from a super Auntie

... and finally, celebrating Christmas with loved ones.

Monday, November 16, 2009

make it perfect...

A hugely talented Aussie designer, Toni Coward of 'Make it Perfect' is having an insane giveaway of some of her patterns and products. To check out her blog and enter yourself, click here.
Here's hoping I win something!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


While John was away last week in Japan, I stayed home with the children and got stuck into some sewing. I was determined to get a few projects completed and am happy to report that I finished what I set out to do- always a bonus! I made a few little pieces for some local markets- 5 girls skirts and some of my 'signature' baby bib's. I was so pleased with how they all turned out. I have to admit, I won't be disappointed if they don't sell- it means Carrington can have them!!!Now I need to get going on my Christmas projects... it never ends... and I love it!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


One, two, three, four, high-5!!! Aussie children's entertainers, Hi-5 are among Lachlan's favourite people to watch on tv. Thanks to our Media Centre, we have about 45 episodes of their tv performances and Lachlan insists we watch at least one per day. So when we saw that they were coming to Castle Towers Shopping Centre, we simply had to go! We were so excited and left home early to ensure we had good seats. Hi-5 were due to appear at 11am, so we were there by 9:15am, and were very pleasantly surprised- the cast were all there! They were so friendly and immediately approached us, introducing themselves and showing a keen interest in Lachlan (and even Carrington who was oblivious to it all and happily sitting in the pram!). We got to chat with them and have photo's. Lachlan and Lauren even made up a secret hand-shake! Lachlan was shy at first, but soon warmed up to them, and followed them as they mingled with the growing crowd. Even though they were busy, they still remained aware of Lachlan and kept giving him cuddles and chatting to him. I was really impressed by how nice they are!

Tim, Lachlan, Stevie and Lauren.

Lachlan had a nervous 'hand in the mouth' thing happening, so Tim, Stevie and Lauren followed his lead, posing the same way.

Stevie's little shadow. Lachlan wanted to be wherever he was.

Lachlan having cuddles with Lauren before the Hi-5 cast had to leave to get ready for the show.

By the time 11am rolled around, Lachlan was so tired from waiting all that time, that he wasn't very interested in the show. I think he was still in awe of meeting his favourite people and hanging out with them. No doubt he will enjoy his beloved Hi-5 with even more passion now :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

my girl...

She's getting older- nearly 5 months. Time passes too quickly. I must savour every moment. My darling, my daughter... my best friend.

the beach...

It was the first hot day in a long time on Saturday 12th September. So we decided to make it a day of firsts. Lachlan had never been to the beach (living in the Western Suburbs means that it is a bit of a hike), so we weren't sure how he would enjoy it. He LOVED IT!!!John and Lachlan wasted no time and were at the waters edge as soon as we got there. Although the weather was lovely and warm, the water was still quiet chilly, but that didn't stop Lachlan. He just wanted more. And more. He had a blast jumping over the waves or trying to outrun them.
Carrington probably had no idea what was going on, but she didn't mind digging her little feet into the sand- a new sensation for her. She always just goes with the flow...

I couldn't resist these nudie shots- what a cute little toosh! At that age, who cares what you're wearing (or not wearing) as long as you're having fun right?!

Friday, September 4, 2009

family photo's...

My dear friend Sarah took some lovely photo's of our family during August. I haven't seen all of them yet, but I am delighted with the ones I have already seen. She is so talented and I am very grateful she shared her amazing talent with my family and I. Click here to see some...